Havdalah Set:Teal


Avia Agayof


Teal: This contemporary uncluttered clean design makes this havdallah set an eye catching piece, without being ostentatious. The set consists of a candle holder, wine cup, spice box and tray. The spice box is Agayof’s Saturn spice holder and has the words “Boreh Minay Besamim” from the havdalah prayer cut into the stainless steel ring. The wine cup, that can also be used for Kiddush, has the words Borei Pri Hagafen engraved. The matching tray contains the words Hamavdil Ben Kodesh Le Chol. An invisible layer of teflon coating ensures easy cleaning and no tarnishing. Height of Kiddush cup: 4.5″ / 11.5 cm. Height of candle holder: 3.75″ / 9.5 cm. Diameter of spice box: 3.6″ / 9 cm. Available in a wide choice of colours and combinations


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