Then the earth became corrupt. In this portion we see G-d commanded Noah, the only upright man in his generation, to build an ark to save himself, his family, and two of every living thing, for a flood was about to destroy the earth. Noah did so. After forty days of rain, water covered the earth, drowning all life, except those inside the ark. A year later the survivors emerged on dry land. G-d sent a rainbow, a promise that no great flood like this would come again. Then human beings decided to challenge G-d by building a tower to heaven, but G-d babbled their language, and they scattered throughout the world. Ten generations later, Abram was born. He married Sarai, and they settled in Haran.
Unframed Limited Edition 12 x 8 inches by renowned artist Michal Meron

Unframed Limited Edition on Canvas 12 x 8 inches by the renowned artist Michal Meron


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