Gift List

This site supports Gift Lists, often called Wish Lists. This can be tailored to suit any occasion or life event.

To set up your Gift List, you will need to either register or login.

Once logged in, go to the product that you wish to add to your List. You will see a button entitled “Add to List”. Click on this and a popup screen will appear where you can either start a new list or add it to an existing list.

Once added, your link (URL) will be shown – it is this link that you can email to those whom you wish to be able to see the list.

To modify your list (change quantities etc.), go to the “My account” page. Here, under the title “My Wishlists”, you will see your wish lists. If you click on your list, then it will show the list along with a facility to update quantities.

At the bottom of your wish list, there are a set of email and social media links. You can use these to email your Wishlist to friends and to post details of it in social media.

When your friends click on the Wishlist URL (link), they will see your list and be able to buy the gifts for you.